Tragicom Studios

Tragicom Studios offers a variety of services focused on both content creation and curation. Our experts can offer everything from script consultation to talent acquisition to special effects production, and we can plan the score and music supervision including sound design. We know the long-term value of developing the right narrative and vow to deliver not only the best-looking project on time and under budget, but also to help you effectively communicate your story to your targeted demographic. While we are versed in the latest in technological tools, we are also firm believers in the bootstrapping, do-it-yourself approach and will balance those filmmaking aesthetics with cutting-edge production power.

Why should you work with us? In today's marketplace, if your content doesn't resonate with the audience, it is quickly overlooked. Tragicom exists to meet the demand for targeted content, and whether your vision is fully formed or only in its embryonic state, we will work as your partner to deliver the ultimate consumer experience.

In addition to content creation, Tragicom also has our head in the cloud. Why? Because these days, that is where the business end of our work is focused, and along with guiding content, we can play a role in aggregating the deals necessary to make your project financially viable.

Tragicom also understands that today's media has to be a service for consumers. It is no longer enough to simply deliver content to film or television screens for one-way consumption by viewers; today's audiences literally want everything in the palms of their hands and use social media to interact in real-time directly with content creators. Tragicom understands how to leverage both traditional and emerging outlets and can help you stay in touch with the demands and expectations of your chosen demographic group. Let's discuss your project.